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Murder Isn't New

Published and available here!

The bookstore was on fire, but the volunteers and most of the books were safe. But, just as the used book store began a new chapter in life, once again things started to go wrong.

Holly is no longer a volunteer, after getting "fired" prior to solving the mystery, but is back again to help, and soon she's dragged into the book store once again. Unfortunately for her, and for the non-profit, things once again start going badly wrong.

Holly and her friends feel they have to, once again, deal with the chaos of the volunteer world and its politics. While at the same time want to figure out what is happening to the people around the store that are getting killed.

Although this book is part of a series, it is a stand alone mystery. If you read and enjoyed the previous book it's not needed to re-read it to catch up! That being said, if you haven't read the previous one, it does provide a background to some of the chaos!