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Guess what! My first mystery book has been published!!

For any of you out there who may have been wondering what I've been doing the past year or so... it's true: I've been holed up in my house writing a book. It hasn't been easy. Some days I pretty much thought I was nuts for attempting it... but the fever took hold and wouldn't let go. The process was slow at first, but then it began to snow-ball, forcing me to wake at the oddest hours; driving me to finish. 
All I can say is I'm fortunate to have an understanding partner, and a nice cat.

So today - I'm absolutely thrilled -  to announce the publication of my first mystery book!
I know it's not perfect, by any means, but hope you enjoy the plot, the characters, and the passion of this group of volunteers trying to keep a used bookstore going.

Please let me know what you think. I always welcome constructive criticism and have lots of cider stored up for any negative feedback.

Much thanks!


Used for Murder is available either on Kindle eBook - or print form on Amazon here!