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Book 2 is publishing!

The next book in the series is going through the Amazon publishing process!

A Used Bookstore Mystery - Book 2: "Murder isn't New" will be available as soon as it finishes review by the Amazon gurus. (Should be by June 24th at latest).

Between a couple of major moves plus COVID, it certainly took longer than planned to finish this second book in the series, and for that I truly apologize.

Guess what! My first mystery book has been published!!

For any of you out there who may have been wondering what I've been doing the past year or so... it's true: I've been holed up in my house writing a book. It hasn't been easy. Some days I pretty much thought I was nuts for attempting it... but the fever took hold and wouldn't let go. The process was slow at first, but then it began to snow-ball, forcing me to wake at the oddest hours; driving me to finish. 

101 Plus Reasons NOT to Move to Seattle

First published in 1991, this book is dedicated to all those people who stay home... where they belong.

The Frequent Stopper

In 1990, while two friends were on a shopping adventure in Seattle, they desperately needed to find a ladies restroom. They had consumed large amounts of espresso, so fashionable in this city, and needed a toilet badly! As they searched aimlessly through the streets to no avail, it occurred to them that what they needed was a restroom guide for frequent stoppers... thus 'The Frequent Stopper' was born.

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